Did you know you are already part of a great initiative?

95% of alpacas around the world are white. This number shows that alpacas of other colours could be in danger of extinction. This is why we focus all our efforts in expanding our breeding practices to protect and conserve this wonderful animal.

In ANDEAN, we are concerned of our planet and its conservation, and aware of the importance of developing a sustainable fashion concept. So, from now on, we are committed to care for the 100% natural colours of alpaca fibre.

We support the initiative of caring for and conserving the natural colours of alpaca fibre. The best part is that you are already participating in this project, as 10% of ANDEAN sales are put into protecting these natural colours through Pacomarca, our ranch located in Puno, Peru; where we conduct research work about this species, as well as breed it, hoping the surrounding communities will imitate our practices to increase the population of this wonderful camelid.


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