Business management guidelines

The constant search for innovation and excellence is a substantial component in ANDEAN’s philosophy, as a brand directed towards the highest quality standards. Therefore, in accordance with the guidelines of INCALPACA TPX, the company to which we belong, we have defined our management policies, which include the vision and mission, as well as business values and codes of conduct that watch over our brand actions for the total satisfaction of the needs of our valuable clients and collaborators.


“To be a world reference in the manufacture and marketing of unique Alpaca and Vicuña garments”.


“We satisfy the needs of sophisticated customers through unique Alpaca and Vicuña products linked to innovative concepts with sustainable and integrated processes. We transcend as a company ensuring the continuity of the interest groups, especially the producers of these noble fibres”.


  • Integrity: Work with rectitude and unalterable integrity.
  • Responsibility: Fulfill the commitments acquired in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Respect: Value the person, providing good treatment and due attention to achieve an environment of mutual trust.
  • Innovation: Be able to change things by starting from a new approach.
  • Passion: Feel fervor in favoring a cause or purpose.
  • Flexibility: Have the capacity to adapt to new circumstances.
  • Teamwork: Share tasks to achieve a common goal, putting the group´s goal before the individual

Code of conduct:

  1. GENERAL PRINCIPLE INCALPACA TPX S.A is administered in accordance with all Peruvian laws in force, which are applicable to its activity.
  2. ENVIRONMENT INCALPACA TPX S.A., complies with applicable environmental laws and regulations, encouraging progressive practices that contribute to the preservation of the planet.
  3. DISCRIMINATION At INCALPACA TPX S.A we do not engage in any form of discrimination in hiring, in the access to training, promotions or retirements on the basis of disability, gender, union membership or any other condition that gives rise to discrimination. We do not interfere with the exercise of staff rights in relation to any condition that may give rise to discrimination and we do not permit any threatening, abusive, exploitative or sexually coercive behaviour among our workers.
  4. FORCED LABOR INCALPACA TPX S.A., does not employ or support the use of forced or compulsory labour, be it servitude labour, contracts for the payment of debts or persons deprived of their liberty. It does not withhold wages, benefits, property or documents in order to force staff to continue working.
  5. CHILD LABOR INCALPACA TPX S.A., has no tolerance for child labor, does not participate in, support, or use child labor, and is committed to not maintaining business relationships with suppliers that use any form of child or youth labor under any circumstances. It only hires workers with the minimum age required in our country.
  6. SALARIES AND SCHEDULES INCALPACA TPX S.A., has salary retributions and schedules in agreement with the laws of our country, granting the obligatory and conventional benefits; and the deductions according to the current Official Legislation.
  7. WORK CONDITIONS INCALPACA TPX S.A., provides its workers with a healthy workplace in accordance with legal technical standards and working conditions. – Tidy, ventilated and well-lit work areas. – Adequate and clean toilets. – Drinking water available. – Workers may not be subjected to corporal punishment or any other form of physical, psychological, sexual or verbal harassment.
  8. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH INCALPACA TPX S.A., maintains good safety conditions in all its environments and promotes safe practices that safeguard the physical integrity of its workers and its facilities, through: – Safety Committee, with the participation of the Company’s Management and the Workers. – Fire extinguishers that are operational, visible and easily accessible. – First aid kits and personnel trained to give basic medical aid. – Properly stored flammable or chemical materials. – Continuous training in accident prevention.
  9. FREEDOM OF ASSSOCIATION INCALPACA TPX S.A., respects the right of staff to form, join and organise trade unions of their choice and to negotiate collective agreements with representatives of trade union organisations.
  10. GOOD PRACTICES IN HUMAN RESOURCES INCALPACA TPX S.A., treats its workers with respect and dignity, developing actions that allow it to be socially responsible with them and that generate well-being through different programs, such as : – Occupational Health Clinic. – Sports complex. – Multiple Services Cooperative – Death Aid Fund.